Micromax Launch of Bharat 2 Plus, 3 and 4

While the price has not yet been revealed for these devices, Micromax has unveiled their Bharat 2 Plus, the Bharat 3 and the Bharat 4. Their listings show up on the Micromax website along with a full list of handset specifications. All three handsets are enables with 4G VoLTE.

According to claims made by Micromax, they sold more than half a million units of the Bharat 2, which was released back in April. The units were said to have sold within fifty days of the phone’s launching.

The Micromax Bharat 2 Plus

This phone features a WVGA TFT display that is four inches and has a resolution of 480×800 pixels. Android 7.0 Nougat is the running software, and it has a 1,600mAh battery that is said to give you about sixteen hours worth of talk time as well as a stand by time of 160 hours. Features include Wi-Fi, GPS navigation and BlueTooth.

The rear-facing camera gives you five megapixels while the front camera offers 2MP, with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

The Micromax Bharat 3

The Bharat 3 gives you a 4.5-inch display, WVGA TFT, that features 480×854 pixels. It is powered with a MT6737M processor, has 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. You can upgrade the storage to 32GB with a microSD card. The 2000mAh battery supposedly gives about six hours of talk time or about 170 hours of stand by time.

The primary camera on this model offers 2MP, and the front facing camera gives you 5MP. It can also shoot HD videos, has dual SIM support and supports gravity sensors. You also have access to BlueTooth, GPS navigation, HSPA, Wi-FI and FM radio.

The Micromax Bharat 4

This model features a nice five-inch HD TFT display and has a resolution of 720×1280. With a 2500mAh battery, you will get about seven hours of talk time or about 170 hours of stand by time. It has the same processor as the Bharat 3, as well as the same amount of RAM and internal storage. Out of the box, you have Android Nougat software available.

On the Bharat 4, both the front camera and rear camera feature five megapixels. Features include Wi-Fi, WAP, GSM/CDMA, GPS navigation, HSPA and has gravity sensors. Also supported is a slot for USB 2.0 and a headphone jack at 3.5mm.

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